Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners vous invite à une soirée – 2/10/10

*Certain Days: Freedom for Political Prisoners vous invite à une soirée d’écriture de lettres à des prisonniers/prisonnières politiques

* 3942 Sainte-Émilie * métro Place St. Henri
Jeudi le 10 février de 18h30 à 21h00

La soirée inclura:
*Écriture de lettres aux prisonniers/prisonnières politiques

*Une discussion sur le support aux prisonniers/prisonnières politiques à Montréal

*Calendrier Certain Days 2011: Freedom for Political Prisoners disponible à l’achat

Présenté par le collectif Certain Days & Le Sainte-Émilie SkillShare – tous deux des groupes de travail du GRIP Concordia

À propos du calendrier Certain Days 2011: Freedom for Political Prisoners :

Ce calendrier est un projet éducatif ainsi qu’une levée de fonds dans lequel participent des militantes de Montréal et de Toronto ainsi que 3 prisonniers politiques: David Gilbert, Robert Seth Hayes et Herman Bell, qui sont détenus à l’état de New York dans des prisons à sécurité maximale. Nous travaillons selon une perspective anti-impérialiste, anti-raciste, anti-capitaliste, féministe et dans une position respectueuse des queers et trans-genres.

Les profits générés en 2011 seront divisés parmis les groupes suivants : The New York State Task Force on Political Prisoners, Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association et the G20 Legal Defence Fund.

Libérons tous les prisonniers politiques !
Libérons tous les prisonniers de guerre !

*Certain Days & Kersplebedeb Publishing invite you to:
* Political Prisoners & Prison Solidarity Work in North America: *
*History & Current Context

When: Wednesday, January 19, 6:30pm
Where: QPIRG Concordia 1500 de Maisonneuve West, metro Guy-Concordia*

*Free. Venue is wheelchair accessible. Traduction chuchotée vers le

Depending on your definition, there are dozens or hundreds or thousands
of political prisoners and prisoners of war held by the United
States government. This talk will focus on political prisoners and prisoners
of war who came out of the revolutionary movements from the 1960s to
today, including the national liberation movements, the armed struggle,
white anti-imperialists and, more recently, the Green Scare defendants.
Topics will include the relationship of the prisoners to our own struggles
today, the varying definitions of “who is a political prisoner”, and a look
back at some of the support work that was being done in the 80s and
90s, especially in Canada. Certain specific cases will also be discussed,
for instance Assata Shakur, Leonard Peltier, Marilyn Buck and Kevin ‘Rashid’
Johnson, as well as the recent strike by prisoners in Georgia.

The talk will be given by Karl of Kersplebedeb Publishing, followed
by discussion.

* Kersplebedeb Publishing* has published several books and pamphlets by
and about political prisoners, and has just published “Defying The Tomb,”
a book by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson of the New Afrikan Black
Panther Party-Prison Chapter. info: www.kersplebedeb.com

* The Certain Days Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar* is a
joint fundraising and educational project between organizers in Montreal
and Toronto, and three New York state Political Prisoners: Herman Bell,
David Gilbert and Robert Seth Hayes, and is a working group of QPIRG
Concordia. info: www.certaindays.org


More 2011 events to be announced soon! If you would like to host a launch party in your own town, drop us a line.