BLACKlisted Then and Now – 2/24/10

BLACKlisted Then and Now: Linking Histories of Racism and National Security in Montreal

Wednesday, 24 February 2010, 7pm
Dawson College, Rm 4C1, 3040 Sherbrooke W (Atwater Metro)

February is Black History Month. Join Project Fly Home and the Alfie Roberts Institute in a panel discussion about state surveillance and repression of
members of Montreal’s black community in the name of national security in the 1960s and today.

* DAVID AUSTIN, Black Community Organizing and Internationalism and Canadian State Security: Lessons from the 1960s.
David Austin is founder and trustee of the Alfie Roberts Institute, an
independent research institute based in Montreal. He is editor of “You Don’t Play with Revolution: C.L.R. James’s Montreal Lectures,” a series of talks delivered by C.L.R. James in Montreal in the 1960s (AK Press, 2009).

* KHALID ELGAZZAR, The United Nations 1267 “terrorist blacklist” and the case of Abousfian Abdelrazik
Khalid Elgazzar is an Ottawa-based lawyer who specializes in the areas of civil litigation and civil liberties law. Khalid was part of the legal team that represented Abousfian Abdelrazik in the matter of Abdelrazik v. Minster of Foreign Affairs which eventually led to Mr. Abdelrazik’s repatriation from Sudan.

* PROJECT FLY HOME, Getting Listed: Connections Between Racism and National Security
Project Fly Home is a support committee for Abousfian Abdelrazik, as well as an initiative of the People’s Commission Network. While fighting to get Abdelrazik off the UN’s 1267 List, Project Fly Home recognizes that Abdelrazik’s struggle is not an isolated case. We oppose the national security agenda and the mechanisms of control that target different communities and groups.


This panel is part of a six-month campaign launched by Project Fly Home to demand that Canada immediately free Abdelrazik from the sanctions he is subject to under the “1267” regime, that Canada put pressure on members of the 1267 committee to delist Abdelrazik, and that the 1267 regime be scrapped. For more information or to get involved:

Project Fly Home
(an initiative of the People’s Commission Network)

To add your organization to the list of groups endorsing Project Fly Home’s six demands, please read the sign-on statement